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Why Hawaiian Spirulina is the Best in the World.

The grower, Cyanotech Corporation is the worldwide leader in development and commercialization of microalgae products.

The premium quality of Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica® is the result of an unparalleled environment and advanced technology. This produces true super greens for complete nutrition.

Spirulina Ponds Hawaii
  • An Ideal Climate and Location: Kona, Hawaii is the sunniest coastal location in the United States, providing perfect year-round temperatures and a 12-month growing season. Other Spirulina farms must shut down for a few months due to weather that is either too hot in the tropics or too cold in temperate regions.
  • A Superior Strain: For more than 25,000 years -- 10,000 generations -- Hawaiian Spirulina has been adapting to the intense Hawaiian sun. These conditions have given birth to a distinctive carotene-rich strain known as Spirulina Pacifica, providing the highest levels of mixed carotenoids, enzymes and anti oxidants of any Spirulina in the world.
  • Deep Ocean Water with 94 Trace Minerals: The ponds are filled with fresh water drawn from wells in the rainforest aquifer, supplemented with nutrient-rich ocean water pumped from a depth of 2000 feet. This vital resource provides a rich mixture of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals. To our knowledge, this Spirulina farm is the only farm in the world that pays for its water; other farms use river water or irrigation water.
  • Pesticide Free: Herbicide Free and Non-irradiated Spirulina Pacifica is regularly tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that no pesticides or herbicides are present, and is never irradiated.
  • State of the Art Technology: This patented oxygen-free drying system, Ocean Chill Drying™, allows Spirulina Pacifica to be dried in an environment which preserves high nutrient and enzyme concentrations by preventing oxidative damage. Oxygen barrier packaging and cold press tableting protect Spirulina Pacifica's superior nutritional profile and fresh taste.
  • GRAS Status Only: Spirulina grown in the United States has attained "GRAS Status," (Generally Recognized as Safe by the US FDA for all food, beverage and supplement applications.) Cyanotech's quality control and intense hygiene procedures during growing and processing make for the purest Spirulina in the world. Cyanotech's Spirulina is known for extremely low levels of lead and other heavy metals as well as very low bacterial levels.